Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers.

The Highfield Church Centre box was back to normal this week containing 40 vouchers this week. This despite a box at the rear entrance set up by a rival user. As cashiers don’t always offer them please ask every time you spend £10 and put them in the box just to the right inside the front entrance. There should be another box in Hut 1 when it opens this week.

SAC Tour 2015.



Hi everyone.

Here’s a challenge. Gary Gray plans to run a slideshow for the 2016 (yup 2016) Club Awards. Let’s see where in the world (or UK) you can get your club vests, T shirts , rain tops or hoodies into a photo. Gary  kicks off with his hoodie at the Olympic stadium in Berlin.

So, grab your gear, take your pic and post it on Facebook/Twitter #SACtour2015.
See them all in Olympic year, 2016!

Hants Road Relays at Portsmouth 12th April

Any senior/vet men that want to run in Hants Road Relays at Portsmouth 12th April can you let me know.
Mobile: 07703674715 or email
3 per team and approx 6k per leg
Teams for vet men are in 10yr age groups VM40, VM50, VM60.
As this is a championship event you must be first claim.