Athletes’ Athlete Award 2017

Once again it’s time to send your nominations through for the Athletes’ Athlete award. Remember this is the only award selected on athletes’ votes, it’s your chance to say who has inspired you the most. 

Between now and the 16th December we would like your nominations please. Each nomination should be accompanied by your reasons for the nomination and ideally a photo. Your reasons will be used in both the shortlisting process and in the main ballot, so please be as persuasive as you can! 

Nominations can come from you as an individual, or from a group of athletes. In addition, you can nominate both a male and female should you wish. 

Nominations to be sent to Tracey Jones :

Last years nominations and winners were:
Female Shortlist 
– Georgina Russell, Ellie Monks, Rachel Ayerst, Sam Callaway, Isabelle Bennett Male Shortlist 
– Callum Gregson, Tom Cully, Mark West, Josh Wise, Toby Hale

Sam Callaway 

She was team captain for the winning YDL team and really led the team and encouraged the younger members. She also scored hundreds of points this season!! She is always smiling and friendly, and has also come along to help at academy.

Mark West
Affectionately dubbed the ‘mum’ of our training group, Mark always supports other athletes in training and competition helping everyone to get through the toughest of sessions or races. More than keen to give any event a go at league meetings, Mark is very team oriented and often picks up the hammer or takes part in long jump to help the club get those much needed extra few points. As a consistent athlete, we often look to Mark as a guide for pacing and without him we would be lost! Mark is a very responsible athlete who, when our coaches are absent, steps up and helps organise the group and ensures that everyone is happy with their sessions. He is a great role model at training and is supportive to all athletes, old and new.