In recent years we have had great success in the BAL and it is an absolute priority of this club that we continue to compete in this league. However we are in urgent need of a team manager whose role would be to help with team selection and travel on the day to deal with the normal team issues. Experience of track and field athletics essential and an athlete who was willing to learn would be ideal as plenty of help would be available.

I cannot overstate how urgent this is, my former club Belgrave Harriers had to leave the leave for the sole reason that nobody came forward to replace a long standing team manager and were relegated to the Southern League after winning many Premier League titles.
Happy to accept a volunteer who could help out at one or two of the meetings and do it as a job share.
Please contact myself on 07713149122 or see Gary Gray. Do not hesitate if you think you may be able to help

Richie Pearson (Chairman)