More Congratulations

Congratulations to Lucy Jane Matthews for winning a bronze medal at the European U20 championships 100m hurdles fantastic performance.Also to Amaya Scott for finishing overall 5th in the heptathlon Two brilliant athletes flying the flag for Southampton AC

Athletic Achievements

You will have seen the report from Debbie regarding the English School Championships and I would like to thank her for her very comprehensive report. Congratulations to the whole throwing team coaches athletes, and parents what a great overall performance and we have some exceptional young athlete coming through.
I feel sure that there were other performances which we should highlight but unless I/we are told about them the athletes cannot receive the acclaim they so richly deserve. Please let me know ideally in a report form so I can just copy and paste on to the web site.

Bill Bushnell

A message from Debbie Callaway
It is with great sadness that I am writing to advise of the recent
passing of my father, Bill Bushnell. Bill was a throws coach of some
distinction, who moved to Southampton in 2004, having previously
coached for over 35 years in Essex. Bill was a charismatic and
determined individual who loved most sports, but in particular had a
long lasting passion for athletics, firstly as an international
javelin thrower himself, and then as a highly successful throws coach.
A former teacher, Bill was also renowned for his humour and
entertaining stories about life, sport and education.
Bill willingly gave so much of his time to help and inspire throwers
of all ages and abilities to succeed and reach their full potential.
He installed a great work ethic and competitiveness into his athletes,
teaching them how to both win and lose with humility and dignity.
Despite suffering significant ill-health during his 70’s, Bill never
lost his considerable enthusiasm for our sport, and would still be
seen regularly at the side of a run up or throwing circle, three of
four times a week, both winter and summer in all weathers.
It has been heart-warming for my mum and I to be reminded of the huge
positive influence that Bill has had over so many young people, and we
thank you for all your well-wishes. I have attached a link to a
tribute to Bill, which gives details of his funeral on 17th May, 2019.

Athletes’ Athlete – Time to Nominate

We only have 3 nominations so far and this is not enough to run the award. It’s your award, it will be a shame to loose it.

Only 4 days left to send your nominations through….

Athletes’ Athlete Award 2018

Once again it’s time to send your nominations through for the Athletes’ Athlete award. Remember this is the only award selected on athletes’ votes and it’s your chance to say who has inspired you the most.

Every year awards are given out to athletes based on performance, team contribution etc but this one is special it is your award, your chance to say who you think represents Athletics, this is the only award nominated and voted by athletes.

Between now and the 21st December we would like your nominations.

Each nomination should be accompanied by your reasons for the nomination and ideally a photo. Your reasons will be used in both the shortlisting process and in the main ballot, so please be as persuasive as you can!

Nominations can come from you as an individual, or from a group of athletes. In addition, you can nominate both a male and female should you wish.

Nominations to be sent to Tracey Jones :

Last year’s nominations were:

Sara Merritt, Hannah Childs, Bryher Bowness, Isabel  Richardson,

Matt Hibbert,  Sean Foord, Jon Tilt, Riley Woodman, Dave Blackman

Last year’s winners were:

Sarah Merritt, John Tilt and this is what was said about them.

Sarah Merritt 

Very friendly and always gives a shout out to other athletes. I remember that Sarah Merritt gave me a shout out on my first run for the club. Since then she’s done so at every given opportunity and excitedly asks me about how it went afterwards. It really helps to have that kind of support in the club. Far from being just a supporter she has had a great run of top positions at road races and regularly enthusiastically throws herself into multiple events at track and field.

She’s an all round class act and great representative of the sport.

Jon Tilt

Not only is Jon a brilliant coach he is always willing to put himself out for the group and the club. This is through his positivity, encouragement and dedication. He’s a brilliant athlete always pushing himself to achieve the highest level of fitness and achievements.  This in turn rubs off on his athletes making him a fantastic training partner.

He can make even the hardest sessions bearable and enjoyable with that famous Jon Tilt smile.



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Officials Training for 2018

This winters training courses are on Sunday 4th November and Sunday 11th November at the University of Winchester Athletics Track SO23 0QA

Sunday 4th November for Track and Field and Sunday 11th November 2018 for Starting and Starter’s Assistant and Timekeeping.

Both days include a Health and Safety module which you must attend unless you have already attended.

The cost is £30 for the discipline and Health and Safety or £20 for the discipline only. Full details and how to apply can be found on the attached flyer and a link to the EA website for course booking is also below.

SAC will cover the full cost of the course if you commit to officiate for the club, if you let me know when you have been trained and I can add you to the distribution for next years fixtures.

Many thanks
Tracey Jones (

course flyer 2018

England Athletics Courses


Southampton ladies claim first vets league victory and join men in the finals!

The Southampton AC ladies team made history in Aldershot last night, claiming a third successive victory in the Hampshire Vets League and securing the league win, for the first time ever. Coming top of the league that has been dominated by Winchester ladies in the recent past, means they have booked their place in the Southern Counties Vets finals in Ashford, Kent in September, joining the Southampton men’s team who have been regular visitors to the event.

Despite missing key team players such as Nicci Blandford, Mary Axtell, and Dani Marshall, the team pulled together fantastically to beat 2nd place Winchester by 16 points.

There were stand out performances by Joy Wright in the 200m (first in 27.8 seconds) and 800m (first in 2.34.2) as well as a personal best for Astrid Mangel in the long jump (2nd V60 with 2.56m). Joy also came 4th in the V35 discus with 19.19m. Tracy Bezance made a superb return from injury to win the V50 200m in 30.6 seconds. Janet Dickinson made a clean sweep of first places with victory in the V50 shot (9.00m), 200m B string (28.3 seconds), V50 discus (26.12m) and V50 long jump (4.53m).

There was an excellent second place for Katy O’Dell in the V35 shot (8.34m) and Hannah Willson in the 2000m walk (12.41.6). Paola King came 4th in the walk with 14.54.8. Vicky Bright won the V50 pole vault with 1.20m and Claire MacErlean won the B string 800m in 2.41.0. Claire also secured second place in the 3000m with 11.27.0.

Despite nursing a hamstring injury, Caroline Barnfield managed 6th in the V50 800m (3.51.8) and 5th in the V50 3000m (17.17.2). Hannah Willson, who was also helping with officiating on the night, came third in the B string 3000m with 12.35.7. Jane Pitt came 5th in her first ever timed 400m with 47.7 seconds.

Final results:

Southampton AC 148 points

Winchester and District 132 points

City of Portsmouth 110 points

Aldershot, Farnham and District 95 points

Havant 71 points

Fleet and Crookham 63 points

Basingstoke and Mid Hants 49 points

Free PhD programme for athletes transitioning into senior athletics

Who am I?

My name is Karla Drew.  I am in the final stages of my PhD which I am doing at Liverpool John Moores university. I am also a GB athlete and have competed in track-and-field since the age of 10. I have represented Great Britain and England in Heptathlon and 100mHurdles. It is through these experiences as an elite athlete and through my research that I want to use what I have learnt to invest in and support younger athletes reach their potential.

What am I doing?

Based on my previous research, I have developed an intervention/programme to support young athletes making the step up into senior sport.  This transition can be an extremely challenging time for athletes. The project willprovide athletes with a tailored intervention to support them through this challenging period whilstmaking the step up from junior-to-senor level in athletics. The project aims to support athletes to make asuccessful transition by providing them with the necessary skills and education to negotiate the transition.

Why am I doing this?

The programme is looking to address the poor progression rates of British junior athletes. We all know a young athlete who has produced outstanding performances as a junior but fail to reproduce this when it counts at a senior level. I think this is because athletes are not given sufficient or the right type of support in helping them to make the transition. I have interviewed many athletes, ranging from Olympic champions to World Junior Champions, who have successfully and unsuccessfully made the transition. This has given me a great insight into what has helped and hindered athletes to make the transition.

What does the programme involve?

The programme is made up of 19 individual sessions, with sessions being run back-to-back on some days. The sessions cover a huge range of topics including sport psychology, performance lifestyle, nutrition, physiotherapy, coach and parent education, and a mentoring scheme. The programme is designed to educate athletes and give them the skills to help them reach their potential as a senior athlete. Each session is delivered by an expert in the field. The programme has world class presenters across all topic areas. The likes of Jessica Ennis-Hill, Toni Minichiello and several other GB athlete/mentors are supporting the programme by delivering a session. The programme will be delivered to 5-10 athletes, aged between 18-22. I’m hoping to create a close group of athletes who can learn from each other as well as the presenters on the programme.

A copy of the  programme content can be found on the following page.

If you want to get involved?

Because the programme runs weekly, athletes will need to be located in the Sheffield area and/or willing and ready to travel to the English Institute of Sport for the sessions. Please look at the dates of the sessions and be sure you can commit to the programme before you apply.

If you are interested in applying just send me an email to: I will keep a note of all those who apply. I will then randomly pick 8-10 athletes to take part in the programme.


Course content


Session description.

Delivered by





Karla Drew




Talk: A Successful Transition by Jessica Ennis-Hill

Jessica Ennis-Hill




Talk: A Challenging Transition by Matthew Lambley

Matthew Lambley




Personality: Understanding your personality (Spotlight profile)

Karla Drew




Performance Lifestyle: Financial Advice/Planning

Phil Lumsden




Performance Lifestyle: Effective Time Management

Phil Lumsden




Sport Psychology: Coach-Athlete Relationship

Adam Bracey




Sport Psychology: Building Confidence

Adam Bracey




Physiotherapy: Looking after your body during the junior-to-senior transition

Alison Rose




Social Support: Creating a Support Network

Karla Drew




Mentoring: Learn from experienced senior athletes





Sport Psychology: Coping Strategies to Manage the Transition

Dr Robert Morris




Sport Psychology: Goal Setting for the Transition Period

Dr Robert Morris




Social Support: Supporting your Athlete through the Transition – Strategies for Coaches

Toni Minichiello




Nutrition: Fueling your body during the junior-to-senior transition

Hannah Mayho




Social Support: Supporting your Athlete through the Transition – Strategies for Parents

Louise Capicotto




My transitional journey into elite swimming by Jay Lelliott

Jay Lelliott




Performance Lifestyle: Achieving a Life Balance

Jay Lelliott




Sport Psychology: One-on-One Support

Dr Robert Morris

& Karla Drew