Athletic Achievements

You will have seen the report from Debbie regarding the English School Championships and I would like to thank her for her very comprehensive report. Congratulations to the whole throwing team coaches athletes, and parents what a great overall performance and we have some exceptional young athlete coming through.
I feel sure that there were other performances which we should highlight but unless I/we are told about them the athletes cannot receive the acclaim they so richly deserve. Please let me know ideally in a report form so I can just copy and paste on to the web site.

Good News

Couple of items of good news Ollie Bromby got silver in 100m at U23 European Championships missing gold by 00.01
Also at the SAL at Bracknell our team had a convincing victory. Thanks to everyone who competed and please make yourself available for our home match. Richie

European Under 20 Championships

Many congratulations to Lucy-Jane Matthews (100m hurdles) and Amaya Scott ( Heptathlon) following selection in the GB team for the European Under 20 Championships in Boras Sweden 18th to 21st July.Also congratulations to their respective coaches Andy Fisher and Matt Watson. Wonderful news for the club.

Bill Bushnell

A message from Debbie Callaway
It is with great sadness that I am writing to advise of the recent
passing of my father, Bill Bushnell. Bill was a throws coach of some
distinction, who moved to Southampton in 2004, having previously
coached for over 35 years in Essex. Bill was a charismatic and
determined individual who loved most sports, but in particular had a
long lasting passion for athletics, firstly as an international
javelin thrower himself, and then as a highly successful throws coach.
A former teacher, Bill was also renowned for his humour and
entertaining stories about life, sport and education.
Bill willingly gave so much of his time to help and inspire throwers
of all ages and abilities to succeed and reach their full potential.
He installed a great work ethic and competitiveness into his athletes,
teaching them how to both win and lose with humility and dignity.
Despite suffering significant ill-health during his 70’s, Bill never
lost his considerable enthusiasm for our sport, and would still be
seen regularly at the side of a run up or throwing circle, three of
four times a week, both winter and summer in all weathers.
It has been heart-warming for my mum and I to be reminded of the huge
positive influence that Bill has had over so many young people, and we
thank you for all your well-wishes. I have attached a link to a
tribute to Bill, which gives details of his funeral on 17th May, 2019.

Important information about subs renewal

This message has been sent from the membership secretary regarding the importance of paying subs NOW, if you wait until the end of the month you may not get your licence to compete until mid April. Please read the message and pay your subs.


Just a quick email to remind those that haven’t paid already that membership fees for the season 2019/2020 are due.

As most of you are aware, the membership process is now completely online, via the LoveAdmin site, a link to which you should have received via email and if not you can find on the SAC website within the membership section.

From submitting your payment on LoveAdmin it takes approximately 10 days for the money to appear in the SAC account, from this point we are clear to pay the EA fees of £15 which makes you registered and available to enter events, including opens and league matches, this leg of the process takes an additional 5-7 days. So in total from submission of payment the process takes roughly 17 days.

If you are not able to pay till the end of the month, this is fine, but please be aware from the moment you submit payment there is this lag which will restrict you from actively entering competitions in the new season until completed. Any online entry system will display the message ‘URN not valid’.

You can assume the process is complete when you receive an email either from me or UKA stating your URN number.

I hope this makes sense and any problems at all please give me a shout and I will do my best to clear up any confusion.

Stuart Saint

Membership Secretary

Athletes’ Athlete – Time to Nominate

We only have 3 nominations so far and this is not enough to run the award. It’s your award, it will be a shame to loose it.

Only 4 days left to send your nominations through….

Athletes’ Athlete Award 2018

Once again it’s time to send your nominations through for the Athletes’ Athlete award. Remember this is the only award selected on athletes’ votes and it’s your chance to say who has inspired you the most.

Every year awards are given out to athletes based on performance, team contribution etc but this one is special it is your award, your chance to say who you think represents Athletics, this is the only award nominated and voted by athletes.

Between now and the 21st December we would like your nominations.

Each nomination should be accompanied by your reasons for the nomination and ideally a photo. Your reasons will be used in both the shortlisting process and in the main ballot, so please be as persuasive as you can!

Nominations can come from you as an individual, or from a group of athletes. In addition, you can nominate both a male and female should you wish.

Nominations to be sent to Tracey Jones :

Last year’s nominations were:

Sara Merritt, Hannah Childs, Bryher Bowness, Isabel  Richardson,

Matt Hibbert,  Sean Foord, Jon Tilt, Riley Woodman, Dave Blackman

Last year’s winners were:

Sarah Merritt, John Tilt and this is what was said about them.

Sarah Merritt 

Very friendly and always gives a shout out to other athletes. I remember that Sarah Merritt gave me a shout out on my first run for the club. Since then she’s done so at every given opportunity and excitedly asks me about how it went afterwards. It really helps to have that kind of support in the club. Far from being just a supporter she has had a great run of top positions at road races and regularly enthusiastically throws herself into multiple events at track and field.

She’s an all round class act and great representative of the sport.

Jon Tilt

Not only is Jon a brilliant coach he is always willing to put himself out for the group and the club. This is through his positivity, encouragement and dedication. He’s a brilliant athlete always pushing himself to achieve the highest level of fitness and achievements.  This in turn rubs off on his athletes making him a fantastic training partner.

He can make even the hardest sessions bearable and enjoyable with that famous Jon Tilt smile.



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Officials Training for 2018

This winters training courses are on Sunday 4th November and Sunday 11th November at the University of Winchester Athletics Track SO23 0QA

Sunday 4th November for Track and Field and Sunday 11th November 2018 for Starting and Starter’s Assistant and Timekeeping.

Both days include a Health and Safety module which you must attend unless you have already attended.

The cost is £30 for the discipline and Health and Safety or £20 for the discipline only. Full details and how to apply can be found on the attached flyer and a link to the EA website for course booking is also below.

SAC will cover the full cost of the course if you commit to officiate for the club, if you let me know when you have been trained and I can add you to the distribution for next years fixtures.

Many thanks
Tracey Jones (

course flyer 2018

England Athletics Courses