HRRL RACE 10 : Netley 10K 20/05/2018

1st Male : Rich Waldron 33.39 (Southampton Athletic Club)
1st Female : Emma Jolley 37.31 (City Of Portsmouth)

74 Minna Jones Walters SF 40.37
107 Tracey Corker F45 42.32
176 Lucy Harrison SF 45.55

515 Finishers

There were perfect conditions for late spring racing with the sun not breaking through until after the race was completed (for most).

Rich Waldron claimed an easy victory in the mens race whilst Emma Jolley had another victory in the ladies race. Rachael Phelps though not a member of Southampton (Lewes A.C) is training with the legendary Rod Squad and recorded 39.01 (second lady).

Most importantly of all however the Southampton ladies ran extremely well following on from Alton recording their second second team place in consecutive races so the ladies team event is likely to go down to the last race.

Note: The Eastleigh 10k is full having been rescheduled from March the penultimate race in the series.

HRRL Race 9 : Alton 10 13/05/2018

1st Male Joe Morwood 52.22 (Aldershot Farnham & District)
1st Female Helen Cozens 1.03.38 (Fleet & Crookham A.C)

42 Sarah Kingston SF 1.06.03
70 Scott Augur V50 1.08.23
77 Karla Borland SF 1.08.46
95 Guy Brown V50 1.10.24
108 Minna Jones Walters SF 1.11.40

477 Finishers

The Alton 10 took place in reasonably benign conditions compared to some of the scorchers in previous years.
Joe Morwood powered to an easy victory in the mens race and an impressive time whilst the ladies race was considerably closer.
The Southampton Ladies achieved a second place team position behind Winchester and have actually moved ahead of Winchester in the race to be overall champions.
The men unfortunately were two places short of a team.

HRRL RACE 8 : Salisbury 10 08/04/2018

1st Man : Rich Waldron (Southampton Athletic Club) 54.08
1st Woman : Emma Jolley (City of Portsmouth) 61.24

3 Max Costley SM 54.52
5 Sam Costley SM 55.22
10 Dave Coak SM 56.42
29 Dan Baker SM 60.48
50 Sarah Kingston SF 62.59
54 Paul Johnson V50 63.24
83 Jon Ward V40 66.07
113 Guy Brown V50 67.53
129 Mike Hodges V40 69.02
135 Tracey Corker V45 69.25
173 Hannah Polden SF 71.39                                                                                                                   182 Minna Jones Walters SF 71.58

775 Finishers

The Salisbury 10 started and finished opposite the Salisbury fire station this year the change necessitated due to problems with the athletics track. The rest of the course remained the same.
Conditions were favourable being cool with light winds and a touch of precipitation.
In the mens race Rich Waldron triumphed reasonably comfortably and in the battle of the Costleys Max headed Sam. Dave Coak was the fourth Southampton man home in under an hour. Unfortunately a health scare slowed Dan Bakers run but post race he recovered. Mike Hodges having recently joined Southampton incredibly smashed his ten mile PB by over 7 minutes testimony to the effect that wearing a red and white stripe has upon an athlete!

Sarah Kingston also beat her PB by around 40 seconds and being in a great position to watch (behind her!) saw at first hand her impressive increase in speed over the last two to three miles. Tracey Corker and Hannah Polden together with Sarah made up the ladies team finishing second to Winchester so the ladies competition may well go down to the wire.

Team positions in the HRRL will follow when known.

HRRL RACE 7 : Ryde 10 04/02/2018

1st Man Dan Eckersley (IOW) 54.42 / 1st Woman Steph Mccall (South London Harriers) 1.00.59 *13

6 Dan Baker  SM 59.09

24 Bryher Bowness SF 1.02.38

26 Pete Merritt SM 1.03.05

48 Sarah Kingston SF 1.06.13

105 Tracey Corker FV45 1.12.33

116 Mark West V40 1.13.02

227 Alexandra Coe SF 1.22.41

459 Finishers

The Ryde 10 took place in windy and freezing conditions though thankfully it was dry. The course was altered for the second time in recent years including a short section of beach and a run through a holiday camp although the course profile still resembled a Tour de France Alpine Stage.

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SECOND : HEDGE END 18pts (n/a)

THIRD : SOUTHAMPTON 19pts (4 Wins)

The ladies race to be Division 1 Champions looks neck and neck on first viewing however Southampton at the halfway stage are champions in waiting with four wins to Winchesters one. Unless the ladies suddenly lose interest in the HRRL (they won’t! ) they are by seasons end to break the dominance of Winchester.

LEADERS : OVERTON 16pts (2 Wins)

SECOND : LORDSHILL 19pts (n/a)

THIRD : WINCHESTER 22pts (n/a)


Despite winning more races than any other team Southampton’s men are languishing in seventh due to fielding incomplete teams at a number of events. The Ryde 10 is full and there are only two Southampton men in the line up (Dan Baker and Mark West) so unless Southampton can somehow garner another two places we are doomed.

HRRL RACE 6 : Stubbington 10K 14/01/2018

1st Man Joe Wade (A&D) 31.11 / 1st Woman* Jen Elkins (Southampton Athletic Club) 34.50  *18

2 Ben Brewster  SM 32.09

4 Matt Bennett  SM  33.14

8 Tom Stevens SM  33.51

10 Dave Coak SM 33.52

12 Dan Baker SM 34.15

51 Ashley Forbes SM 36.39

54 Sarah Kingston SF 36.42

59 Jacob Ainslie SM 36.56

72 Pete Costley V50 37.18

76 Rob Dempster V40 37.28

156 Andy Herman SM 39.29

182 Jon Ward V45 40.00

195 Mike Hodges V45 40.33

251 Tracey Corker FV45 41.47

258 Dave Madelin  SM 41.57

385 Richard Price SM 44.40

654 Ella Prinsep SF 50.10

824 Rachel Bennett SF 53.22

890 Marc Holmes SM 54.46

1072 Debbie Hallett FV55 58.35

1634 Finishers

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HRRL : Team Positions after RACE 5 (VICTORY5)


With two team victories at Hayling and Victory the ladies are homing in on top spot . Hedge End are leading with 13 points but I confidently predict they will soon be overhauled providing the ladies keep fielding full teams. The ladies have won 3 of the first 5 races Winchester have a sole win.

*up from 6th


The men failed to field a team at Hayling yet won the team prize at Victory. One more bad result from the last seven races in the league and the men are sunk. Consistently inconsistent its got to stop ! Overton are the current leaders of the league with an impressive 12 points.

*up from 8th

HRRL RACE 5 : VICTORY 5 3/12/2017

1st Male Matt Sharp  (Team Spy) 23.58

1st Female Lucy Reid (Tonbridge) 27.36

6 Rich Waldron SM 26.14

10 Tom Stevens SM 26.34

13 Abdi Mahammed SM 27.00

14 Aaron Bennett SM 27.09

17 Dave Coak SM 27.23

18 Dan Baker SM 27.23

20 Tom Cully SM 27.28

26 Ashley Forbes SM 27.46

28 Laura Brenton SF 27.51

34 Jen Elkins SF 28.01

55  Andy Lewis SM 29.11

56 Peter Costley V50 29.15

60 Jim Bennett V40 29.18

70 Sarah Kingston SF 29.31

127 Karla Borland SF 31.25

199 Jordan Folk SF 33.19

330 Alexandra Coe SF 37.12

720 Finishers

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HRRL : Team Positions after RACE 3 (Gosport Half)

MEN : TOTAL POINTS (23)      (Overton 11) (Solent 11) Gosport (1)  LEAGUE POSITION  8/10          LADIES : TOTAL POINTS (16) (Overton 1)   (Solent 10) Gosport (4)  LEAGUE POSITION  6/10

Hampshire Road Race League :                                                                                                    Consists of a 12 race championship present season running between September 2017 and June 2018. A ladies team consists of 3 runners , a mens team 4. A winning team in each race  scores one point so that the team with the lowest aggregate score come end of season wins the league. The Ladies Championship is decided by the best 8 performances from 12 whilst the Mens Championship is decided by the best 9. For further information on the league if interested see

After 3 races in the league the mens and ladies positions in the HRRL can scarcely be more different.                                                                                                                                              The men have not had a scoring team in two of the three races and have been penalised a point in each redeeming themselves at Gosport but then will fail yet again without a scoring team at Hayling. One more incomplete team at any of the eight remaining league races and our chance of retaining the Division 1 title will be gone.                                                                                                                The ladies in contrast have a lot to be sanguine about. They have had two excellent results , Solent will be dropped as a scoring race at seasons end and the ladies team looks to be strong at Hayling particularly with Jen Elkins at the helm.