1st Man Matt Sharp (Enfield) 25.10                                                                                                    
1st Lady Jen Elkins (Southampton Athletic Club) 28.32 * 14

2 Rich Waldron SM 26.05                                                                                                            
38 Sarah Kingston SF 30.02
56 Scott Augur V50 30.55
83 Claire Mcerlean SF 32.24                                                                                                            
149 Hannah Polden SF 34.51                                                                                                            
205 Alexandra Coe SF 36.43

465 Finishers

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Final Table >
(1) Southampton Athletic Club 11 (8 team wins from 12 races)
(2) Lordshill 17 (2 team wins)
(3) Winchester 39

Richard Waldron made it the double winning the Mens Individual HRRL title and collecting the internal SAC mens age graded prize (average 81.67)*

Final Table >
(1) Southampton Athletic Club 8 (9 team wins from 12 races)
(2) Eastleigh 17 (1 team win)
(3) Fareham 23

Jen Elkins triumphed in the internal competition (average 84.08)* The ladies occupied
three of the top four final positions (Jen Elkins / Ellie Monks / Tracey Corker). Showing that their Division 2 victory was a real team victory only one lady had sufficient finishes to make it to the final HRRL Individual table , Alexandra Coe (25th)

The HRRL will be organising a prize giving evening towards the end of August. Details will follow when available.

Thanks to Alan Tulip for continuing to update the website after each of the leagues races during the season.

*Both win £100 Alton Sports vouchers.


1st Male : Matt Bennett (S.A.C) 32.48
1st Female : Ellie Monks (S.A.C) 36.41 *24

6 Sam Costley SM 34.19
7 Tom Cully SM 34.27
9 Matt Hibberd SM 34.44
11 Dan Baker SM 34.52
18 Ashley Forbes SM 35.49
46 Sarah Kingston SF 38.19
98 John Compton V40 41.34
112 Anna Stone SF 42.00
202 Sid Delara V60 45.41

523 Finishers

It was a memorable day for Southampton as both men and ladies did a clean sweep in the senior events. Matt Bennett beat a resurgent Stuart Holloway in the mens race whilst Ellie Monks edged out Lesley Locks in the ladies race and came within 11 seconds of the course record. Both mens and ladies teams triumphed in style paticularly in the case of the former occupying four of the ten finishing positions.

Lordshill 10k was the last of the leagues races for 2016/7 and it has been an excellent season for Southampton.

The ladies were promoted to Division 1 after the penultimate race as Division 2 Champions. The last time the ladies were in Division 1 was season 2009 /10. Next season providing they show the same level of commitment there is no reason why they cannot take the Division 1 Championship from Winchester who have had a stranglehold on it being champions in each of the last eleven seasons.

Apart from the 2006 / 7 season when the old Southampton Running Club finished 2nd Southampton men have tended to hold a lower middle position in Division 1. The change came from season 2014/15 (3rd) 2015/2016 (3rd) and finally CHAMPIONS of Division 1 in 2016 / 2017. Southampton held the top position for much of the season only to lose it late on but a high quality turnout for the last race of the season ensured victory was ours at last.

There is still the annoucement of individual runners positions in the final Hampshire League tables to be made and the results of our own internal age graded competition to be compiled and produced onto these pages. The winner of the mens and ladies competitions both receive a voucher for £100 to spend at Alton Sports.

And lastly thanks to everybody who ran at least one race in the series scoring or not. It has made the time put in going to all the races (whether competing or not) time well spent……

See you next year on the sidelines or in the race itself.



1st Male : Joe Morwood (Aldershot)  53.06                                                                                                 1st Female : Kath Bailey (Winchester) 1.00.59

4  Rich Waldron     SM   55.33                                                                                                                        19 Ashley Forbes   SM 1.00.39                                                                                                                      68 Karla Borland   SF 1.06.34                                                                                                                        103 Miriam Jones Walters SF 1.09.40                                                                                                           105 Tracey Corker V45 1.09.46

505 Finishers

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SALISBURY 10 : 9 APR 2017

1st Male Overall : Chris McMillan (Weston) 56.10
1st Female Overall : Emma Jolley (City of Portsmouth) 62.28

6 Matt Hibberd V35 58.10
21 Ashley Forbes SM 60.45
34 Stuart Hicks V40 62.27
75 Greg Warder V40 66.34
81 Paul Johnson V50 66.54
232 Alexandra Coe SF 76.48

705 Finishers

Five hot Southampton men and one fit lady took to the rural roads just outside Salisbury to compete in the 9th event of the HRRL , the Salisbury 10. Minutes to the start there was a bit of a panic as Greg annouced that he had been registered as ‘unattached’. Fortunately the organiser agreed to rectify the error although under no obligation to do so (Thanks Salisbury!) and it is here pertinent to remind athletes to always check their entry and contact the race organiser , chip company or failing that myself ( to sort it prior to the event in the event of a mistake.

The unseasonably warm weather took its toll and at the front end the heat it was generally agreed impacted by 90 seconds on overall times. Three water stations en route was particularly welcome .
There were problems at the start (the clock wouldnt start!) but aside from this everything ran smoothly.

Southamptons mens team excelled in the conditions and have now all but brought the title of Hampshire Road Race League Champions back to the club for the first time in its history.

The sole lady performed well in the absence of two team members.

Next stop Alton 10 and further information on the league tables will follow shortly.

12/6 Stage National Final Sutton Park Birmingham

Men 12 Stage alternate long/short stages( last year 35th)
23 Southampton AC 4:34:27
1 Alex Wall-Clarke (17) 27:06 2 Christopher Hilton (18) 16:31
3 Ben Brewster (21) 28:16 4 Abdi Mahamed (20) 16:27
5 Sam Costley (24) 29:20 6 James Smith (24) 17:12
7 Max Costley (25) 29:27 8 Ashley Forbes (25) 17:50
9 Matthew Revier (26) 30:00 10 Matthieu Marshall (24) 16:59
11 Jonathan Roberts (24) 27:59 12 Matt Coffey (23) 17:20

Ladies Stages 1& 4 Long stage, rest short (last year 13th)_
12 SouthamptonAC 2:24:53
1 Jen Elkins (5) 31:02 2 Laura Brenton (6) 18:32
3 Georgina Russell (9) 20:01 4 Ellie Monks (12) 33:06
5 Kelly Hewitson (11) 20:54 6 Rachel Evans (12) 21:10

Both the men’s and ladies’s team improved on last years performances. Special thanks and well done to Max who was tripped up by dog lead and Laura and Matt who were suffering with colds. Great team performances with great team spirit. Thanks to everyone who took part including reserves standing by, also to Tony for support and being a wise old sage