HRRL 2018/19 Race 12 : 30 June 2019 Lordshill 10k

1st Man Aiden Lennon SM 33.03
1st Woman Ruth Thom F45 39.19

6 Tom Cully SM 34.31
8 Matt Risden SM 35.04
52 Andrew Lewis V35 38.17
83 Grant Gibson SM 39.44
98 Jon Bean SM 40.34
223 Simon Ashdown V50 45.24
236 Keith Hollis V45 45.48
444 Lara Bracher F40 54.10

668 Finishers (S.A.C 7/1)

*NOTE for speed of delivery the times above are likely to be chip rather than the gun time.

The Lordshill 10k took place fortunately on the day after the hottest day of the year so far , still warm but with a breeze.

Unfortunately Southamptons two quickest men appearing on the entry list both pulled out with Will Bryan citing injury the fate of Richard Waldron is unknown.

Southampton men were safe from the drop whatever the result however the reverse was true for the ladies who have found themselves a year after the incredible achievement of taking the Division 1 crown of having to suffer the embarrassment of dropping into Division 2 for the 2019/20 season after this years dismal attendance at races rather than performances.
When a mere four athletes are needed to constitute a mens team and three for the ladies Southampton have no excuse for not fielding complete teams at each of the HRRL events particularly as one of the primary objectives of the league is to support the running clubs of Hampshire . Southamptons own race is very well supported by the participating clubs so it is only fair that we should do likewise.

Hopefully next year there will be a resurgence of interest……..
See you next season!

HRRL 2018/19 Race 11 : 16 June 2019 Alresford 10k

1st Man Andy Greenleaf (Serpentine) 32.00  *New Course Record
1st Woman Lesley Locks (Hart Road Runners) 37.42

2 Matt Coffey SM 34.38
77 John Compton V45 42.41

458 Finishers  (S.A.C 2/0)

The Alresford 10k is an out and back course with a small off road section consisting of grass at the start/finish of the race. For much of the first half the gradient is down so consequently the second half is a test for tired legs. A pavillion adjoins the field from which a large range of food and drinks can be purchased.

From the off Andy Greenleaf pulled away from the field and won easily in a new course record. Matt Coffey ran well and looked particularly strong near the end to comfortably beat Julian Manning (Denmead) who has won many HRRL races over the years.

Similarly in the Ladies Race Lesley Locks dominated and was the only female runner to manage a sub40 time.

Southamptons contribution to the HRRL this season at least in terms of runner numbers has been very poor with the men in 9th/10 in Division One and the ladies will be relegated from Division One seasons end after actually winning the league in the previous season. Of the 11 races completed in the 12 race league Southamptons ladies have not managed to field a complete team in 8 of them so it is unsurprising to find them in this position.


SEAA championships at Bedford results

Report from Pete Costley:

At the SEAA championships at Bedford over the weekend, the club achieved a haul of 10 medals as detailed below.

Also on Sunday, at the Dorking 10 mile race Matt Hibberd, Andy Lewis and Mark Hayter won bronze medals in the M35 category at the British Masters championships.

Here is a picture of Max on the podium, sorry didn’t get any other podium shots.

HRRL 2018/19 Race 9 : 12th May 2019 Alton 10

1st Man Stuart Holloway (Salisbury) 55.25
1st Woman Rebecca Lord (Stubbington) 1.05.31

5 Richard Waldron SM 58.34
90 Dave Madelin SM 1.10.48
102 Jon Ward SM 1.12.02
111 John Compton 1.13.08

480 Finishers (S.A.C 4 4/0)


Unfortunately the Alton 10 was nowhere near a sell out possibly as a result of Southampton hosting various races on the previous Sunday.
At the race the winner of the Southampton Marathon Richard Waldron (S.A.C) came up against the winner of the Southampton Half Marathon Richard Lovejoy (Aldershot). As Richard reached the halfway point of the ABP Marathon ahead of Richard Lovejoy finishing the shorter race you would have staked your house on our Richard triumphing in this particular contest however let the result between the two be a salient lesson , the Aldershot athlete finishing ahead with a respectable gap. A marathon may be only twice the distance of a half but requires many times the length of recovery.

In the mens race Stuart Holloway easily finished as winner after organising the Salisbury 10 the previous HRRL race in the series and Rebecca Lord was the ladies winner.

Dave Madelin* , Jon Ward* and John Compton ran well over what is deemed to be a tough course making up the remainder of the mens team. There were no Southampton ladies at the event.

The next race in the series is the NETLEY 10K Southampton Athletic Clubs own race being held on the 19th May 2019.

* For the record Dave would like to state that his ‘slow time’ was due to a Half Marathon and Marathon in the weeks previously and Jon’s got ‘dodgy knees’!

HRRL 2018/19 Race 8 : 14th April 2019 Salisbury 10

1st Man Richard Waldron (S.A.C)  53.22                                                                                                1st Woman Emma Jolley (City Of Portsmouth) 60.33

14 Liam Barry Carroll  SM 59.50                                                                                                            34 Stuart Hicks V40 62.22                                                                                                                      36 Matt Hibberd V35 62.28                                                                                                                    89 Jon Ward V45 66.43                                                                                                                          117 Hannah Polden U23  68.24

820 Finishers (S.A.C 6 5/1)

The Salisbury 10 was run in ideal conditions and a bonus was the track finish had been reinstated. Unfortunately there were no camels at the end this year to take a selfie with.

Richard Waldron won convincingly looking strong at the finish and could have gone faster if pressured .Arguably the Southampton performance of the day belonged to Hannah Polden who shattered her ten mile P.B by over three minutes.

With regard to team positions results from recent races will virtually ensure the mens Division 1 survival whilst the Ladies will remain in a precarious position.




HRRL 2018/19 Race 7 : 17th Mar 2019 Fleet Half Marathon

1st Man James Bellward (R.A.F) 1.07.34
1st Woman Lesley Locks (Hart Road Runners) 1.18.29

7 Matt Bennett SM 1.11.25
102 Liam Barry Carroll SM 1.19.13
129 Stuart Hicks V40 1.20.57
167 Paul Boyd Leslie V45 1.22.24
172 Andy Lewis V35 1.22.35
245 Ellie Monks F35 1.24.57
253 Karla Borland SF 1.25.10
390 Jon Ward V45 1.28.32
483 Dave Madelin V35 1.30.06
650 John Compton V45 1.34.41
652 Tracey Corker F50 1.34.43
756 Gareth Lakeman V35 1.37.07
762 Lucy Harrison SF 1.37.16
1335 Annie Jones F60 1.49.21
1573 Holly Powell SF 1.53.22
1592 Mike Hodges V45 1.54.01
1846 Marc Holmes V35 1.59.23
1923 Rachel Bennett SF 2.00.43
2701 Finishers (S.A.C 18 11/7)

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HRRL 2018/19 Race 6 : 3rd Feb 2019 Ryde10

1st Man Joe Wade (I.O.W) 54.34                                                                                                            1st Woman Steph Mccall (Herne Hill Harriers) 1.01.52

483 Finishers

Unfortunately not a single Southampton runner appeared at the Ryde 10 so nothing to report!

HRRL 2018/19 Race 5 : 13th January 2019 Stubbington 10k Race Report & Team Positions

The Stubbington 10k ran in good conditions although runners were faced initially with a headwind for over a kilometre until the race turned left into the village of Titchfield.
George King secured an easy victory in the mens race narrowly missing out on a sub 31 time whilst Jen Elkins finished with a 38 second buffer over Lesley Locks.
The good news is that both mens and ladies teams secured victory in the team positions.
The mens team consisted (in finishing order) of Max Costley , Ben Brewster , Matt Risden and Tom Stevens whilst the ladies team was comprised of Jen Elkins , Sarah Kingston and Karla Borland. The ladies overall team position after five races is still precarious being in 9th position out of ten whilst the men look more comfortable in 7th.The next race in the series is the Ryde 10 03 February 2019 where traditionally Southampton has few athletes in attendance . Its a tough course but worth the trip.


Both the mens and ladies teams are struggling in their respective divisions.
The mens team is presently 9th/10 in Division 1 whilst there is clear water between Southampton ladies and the rest of the division , unfortunately not at the top but rooted to the bottom of the division. To be fair the ladies triumph last season was achieved by a very small nucleus of athletes and without these ladies participating it was going to be hard to replicate the success .
Finishing on a positive note there are still two thirds of the season to go so all is not lost.