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Southampton Athletic Club (SAC) has some fantastic individual athletes and coaches.  It also has a burgeoning junior membership and a thriving academy which coaches children from school years 4 upwards in a multi-event format.

It recognises, however, that there is a decline in membership from U17 onward as some young athletes drop out of the sport.  This is a particular problem among young women across all disciplines in track and field, cross-country and road-running.

The project is working to identify the reasons why SAC female athletes drop out of sport and propose initiatives to the committee to help support female athletes and encourage them to continue with SAC.


Report from the workshop held on Saturday March 28th 2015

The second workshop focusing on the retention of female athletes held in March proved to be a huge success with constructive sessions on self massage and competition preparation, this year’s highlight was an inspiring talk and Q&A session from 2014 Commonwealth Games runner Louise Damen.

To view a summary report of the workshop please click below:
Workshop 280315 Report

Ice Breaker Vitamin & Mineral quiz with answers:
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Meet the working group
Meet the Project team

What has the project done so far?

The project was launched in March 2014 with a workshop aimed at female members of SAC and parents/carers of younger athletes. The workshop was supported by guest speakers covering nutrition, strength & conditioning, motivation, and injury prevention. Feedback from the project was hugely positive and another workshop is currently being planned for spring 2015.

The project has also launched a mentoring scheme aimed at female athletes in the U15/U17 age category. There are currently 5 mentors in the scheme mentoring young female athletes across a range of disciplines within the club.

SAC Female Athlete Mentoring Scheme FAQ
FAQ Mentoring Scheme

Meet the mentors
Meet the mentors


Contact us:

If you would like to know more about the project or become more involved please contact us directly or by email using the following email address:  sac.mentors@gmail.com


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Mentoring Code of Conduct:
mentoring code of conduct

Feedback and photos from the Female Athlete Workshop held in March 2014:
Workshop photos and quotes

England athletics report:

Nutrition Handout from the Workshop held 2014
Southampton Athletics Club Nutrition Talk Notes March 2014