The club was formed as the result of a merger between Team Southampton and Southampton Running Club on April 1st 2010.

Team Southampton itself was formed as the result of a merger between Southampton City Athletics Club and Team Solent on October 1st 2004, with these clubs in turn evolving in the past from Southampton and Eastleigh AC and before that from the joining of Eastleigh Athletic Club and Southampton Amateur Athletic club.

Prior to this the clubs had a long and successful history in competition at both regional and national level representing the Southampton area and providing excellent opportunities for athletics in the region.

The clubs under their previous names have been based at the Southampton Sports Centre track since the early 1930’s providing opportunities for athletics for all ages in the Southampton City and wider Southampton area. The facilities at the Sports centre currently include a track, a small stand for spectators and some old portable cabins that are currently used as temporary facilities for the club to use on club nights and matches but which are close to the end of their useful lives. These have been in place and used by the clubs for over 20 years with the clubs having been granted by Southampton City Council the right to use the land on which they are based for that period of time. The track itself was last improved and relaid in 2010

The Club has never ceased to work for improved facilities in the area and has been influential in the upgrading of the Track and Field facilities at the Sports Centre and has also provided trackside accommodation.

In 1886 C, Rogers of Southampton Harriers won the A.A.A. 4 miles title. Hampshire A.A. had an enquiry from a lady about her grandfather who was cycling down from a village outside Andover in the 1890’s to run (in hobnail boots) in cross-country and Hare & Hounds. As he was the hare sometimes, this again supports a local club membership. H.A.A.A. was formed in 1927. Probably due to the clash Hampshire Athletic Club changed its name to Southampton Amateur Athletic Club on 15th February, 1932. A Ladies Section was added on 14th December, 1949 for cross-country but track and field, badminton and netball quickly followed. The club amalgamated with Eastleigh Amateur A.C. on 1st December, 1970.to form Southampton & Eastleigh A,C. Later names were Southampton City A.C. and after amalgamation with Team Solent in November, 2004 Team Southampton. The next amalgamation was with Southampton R.C. on 1ST April, 2010 to become the present Southampton A.C. As no club was dissolved to form Southampton A.C. I have used members of all the named clubs, except the Harriers, to assemble these records. I am particularly indebted to Rod Davies and Aaron Bennett for their data. So far there is one deliberate mistake and doubtless many unintentional ones. I am only too happy to be corrected, so inundate me with e-mail at alan@acropp27.plus.com.

The clubs have competed on the grass tracks at the County Cricket Ground, the Civil Service Ground and Fleming Park, and the Redgra Education track at Redbridge. The Sports Centre Has been used as a grass track and money has been raised to convert it first to a six-lane all weather surface and later to eight lanes. Due to the lack of facilities the clubs have purchased and installed three pre-fabs. Despite repairs they are now at the end of their tether. They will be replaced by one larger hut which will have some changing accommodation. The Sports Centre is operated by the Charity Active Nation for the owners Southampton City Council. Southampton Athletic Club and its Academy are Register Charity Number 1158398.

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