Please see message from Khalid Hope there is someone who can help out.

No experience in guide running is required. I ran with more than 30 different runners; they were all guide running for the first time. I’ll have a rope that is about 50 cm, the guide runner and I hold one side of it, and voila, we synchronise our run besides each other. We can do a practice easy run the 1st time, so the person can have first-hand experience in guide running. It’s going to be easy and fun!

I’d like to find guide runner(s) to run with me once or twice a week. The runs will be either hill-repeats or interval’s in the track. I’m flexible about the days we run –I’ll adjust my weekly running schedule based on the guide runners’ availability. I don’t mind week days or weekends. I prefer to do the runs during lunch time or before/after lunch. I just prefer that I run during day time. For the time being, this means we complete our run at 5pm or before; later in the year we can finish our run at 8pm! As far as timing is concerned, I’m very flexible. The most important thing for me is to run with guide runners at their convenient time.

For the speed runs, I’d like my guide to be comfortable running 400m in sub-80s / 1km in under 3:30/km. I’m planning to work on my speed to improve my 1500m and 5000m times. Please let me know if you can find guide runner(s) at the college, or if you have any suggestions for other places to look for guide runners in Southampton.

My 5k PB is 19:32 1500m 5:12. Sub-19 and sub-5 are doable if I can find guide runner to do at least one quality session outdoor in the coming weeks!

Just in case no one can commit to a complete session, it is possible to have more than 1 guide runner at a time, and alternate among them the reps.