HAYLING 10 : 27 NOV 2016

1st Male Overall : James Hoad (Bedford) 51.43* new course record
1st Female Overall : Helen Buller (Worthing) 58.55

2 Rich Waldron SM 54.09
8 Dan Hunt SM 56.58
9 Jim Davies SM 57.14
18 Dave Blackman V40 58.35
24 Jen Elkins SF 1.00.08
61 Jon Grainger V50 1.04.49
70 Paul Johnson V50 1.05.27
100 Jon Ward V40 1.08.06
135 Hannah Polden U20F 1.11.01
144 Dave Madelin 1.11.29                                                                                                                             216 Anna Wilby-Lopez F35 1.15.14

572 Finishers

Southamptons men triumphed for the third time out of the first four races in the Hampshire Road Race League on Sunday at Hayling. Uncharacteristically good conditions made for a fast race. Whilst he was unlikely to win the margin between Rich and the deserved winner would have been far narrower save for the attentions of a dog on the Hayling Billy Trail and a flare up of the injury that decimated much of Riches Summer .
However the performance of the day must go to Dave Blackman who ran a fantastic 58.35 shortly before turning fifty. Dave on this form must be pretty optimistic for 2017 in translating his road form to the track where he is currently ranked 12th in his age group (V45) 2.08.21 for 800m nationally.
It was good to see that we had a complete ladies team out , Jen Elkins returns , Anna Wilby-Lopez begins and Hannah Polden again!

The league moves on to Victory (4/12/2016) Race 5.