HRRL 2018/19 Race 7 : 17th Mar 2019 Fleet Half Marathon

1st Man James Bellward (R.A.F) 1.07.34
1st Woman Lesley Locks (Hart Road Runners) 1.18.29

7 Matt Bennett SM 1.11.25
102 Liam Barry Carroll SM 1.19.13
129 Stuart Hicks V40 1.20.57
167 Paul Boyd Leslie V45 1.22.24
172 Andy Lewis V35 1.22.35
245 Ellie Monks F35 1.24.57
253 Karla Borland SF 1.25.10
390 Jon Ward V45 1.28.32
483 Dave Madelin V35 1.30.06
650 John Compton V45 1.34.41
652 Tracey Corker F50 1.34.43
756 Gareth Lakeman V35 1.37.07
762 Lucy Harrison SF 1.37.16
1335 Annie Jones F60 1.49.21
1573 Holly Powell SF 1.53.22
1592 Mike Hodges V45 1.54.01
1846 Marc Holmes V35 1.59.23
1923 Rachel Bennett SF 2.00.43
2701 Finishers (S.A.C 18 11/7)

It was the first appearance of the Fleet Half Marathon as one of the races contained within the Hampshire Road League and it didn’t disappoint. Two far higher profile races were run reasonably locally on the same day* (Reading & Bath Half Marathons) but still there were some excellent performances the race being run in near perfect conditions.
The race is home to the Inter Services Half Marathon Championships and the winner it can be said metaphorically and appropriately flew around the course.
Both Southamptons mens and womens teams did well helping to keep the threat of relegation to Division 2 (at least for now) at bay.

*At Reading for example fifteen male athletes would have beaten the mens winning time and nine female athletes would have beaten the ladies winning time at Fleet (Winners England athletes Scott Overall & Stephanie Twell)