HRRL 2018/19 Race 9 : 12th May 2019 Alton 10

1st Man Stuart Holloway (Salisbury) 55.25
1st Woman Rebecca Lord (Stubbington) 1.05.31

5 Richard Waldron SM 58.34
90 Dave Madelin SM 1.10.48
102 Jon Ward SM 1.12.02
111 John Compton 1.13.08

480 Finishers (S.A.C 4 4/0)


Unfortunately the Alton 10 was nowhere near a sell out possibly as a result of Southampton hosting various races on the previous Sunday.
At the race the winner of the Southampton Marathon Richard Waldron (S.A.C) came up against the winner of the Southampton Half Marathon Richard Lovejoy (Aldershot). As Richard reached the halfway point of the ABP Marathon ahead of Richard Lovejoy finishing the shorter race you would have staked your house on our Richard triumphing in this particular contest however let the result between the two be a salient lesson , the Aldershot athlete finishing ahead with a respectable gap. A marathon may be only twice the distance of a half but requires many times the length of recovery.

In the mens race Stuart Holloway easily finished as winner after organising the Salisbury 10 the previous HRRL race in the series and Rebecca Lord was the ladies winner.

Dave Madelin* , Jon Ward* and John Compton ran well over what is deemed to be a tough course making up the remainder of the mens team. There were no Southampton ladies at the event.

The next race in the series is the NETLEY 10K Southampton Athletic Clubs own race being held on the 19th May 2019.

* For the record Dave would like to state that his ‘slow time’ was due to a Half Marathon and Marathon in the weeks previously and Jon’s got ‘dodgy knees’!