HRRL 2019/20 Race 7 : 2 Feb 2020 Ryde 10

1st Man Joe Wade (Ryde Harriers) 55.14
1st Woman Steph McCall (Herne Hill Harriers) 1.00.36

82 Miriam Jones-Walters SF 1.12.07

262 Finishers

The Ryde 10 is an excellent race but not one for those who like fast and flat courses. This factor as well as the time and expense of getting over to the Isle of Wight has until recently limited the numbers travelling there  although it has to be acknowledged that most local clubs have had no trouble fielding teams in the past. Perhaps the key factor is Ryde Harriers insistence on having the event on the same day as the Chichester 10k so that generally the quicker runners head off to the Goodwood Circuit to compete where the 10k starts.However local runner Joe Wade who won the mens race and Steph McCall the ladies , both being serial winners of the event are seriously quick.

Congratulations to Miriam Jones-Walters for being the sole Southampton representative at the event. Its important for Southampton to have a presence at the HRRL events however small.