HRRL : Team Positions after RACE 3 (Gosport Half)

MEN : TOTAL POINTS (23)      (Overton 11) (Solent 11) Gosport (1)  LEAGUE POSITION  8/10          LADIES : TOTAL POINTS (16) (Overton 1)   (Solent 10) Gosport (4)  LEAGUE POSITION  6/10

Hampshire Road Race League :                                                                                                    Consists of a 12 race championship present season running between September 2017 and June 2018. A ladies team consists of 3 runners , a mens team 4. A winning team in each race  scores one point so that the team with the lowest aggregate score come end of season wins the league. The Ladies Championship is decided by the best 8 performances from 12 whilst the Mens Championship is decided by the best 9. For further information on the league if interested see

After 3 races in the league the mens and ladies positions in the HRRL can scarcely be more different.                                                                                                                                              The men have not had a scoring team in two of the three races and have been penalised a point in each redeeming themselves at Gosport but then will fail yet again without a scoring team at Hayling. One more incomplete team at any of the eight remaining league races and our chance of retaining the Division 1 title will be gone.                                                                                                                The ladies in contrast have a lot to be sanguine about. They have had two excellent results , Solent will be dropped as a scoring race at seasons end and the ladies team looks to be strong at Hayling particularly with Jen Elkins at the helm.