Important information about subs renewal

This message has been sent from the membership secretary regarding the importance of paying subs NOW, if you wait until the end of the month you may not get your licence to compete until mid April. Please read the message and pay your subs.


Just a quick email to remind those that haven’t paid already that membership fees for the season 2019/2020 are due.

As most of you are aware, the membership process is now completely online, via the LoveAdmin site, a link to which you should have received via email and if not you can find on the SAC website within the membership section.

From submitting your payment on LoveAdmin it takes approximately 10 days for the money to appear in the SAC account, from this point we are clear to pay the EA fees of £15 which makes you registered and available to enter events, including opens and league matches, this leg of the process takes an additional 5-7 days. So in total from submission of payment the process takes roughly 17 days.

If you are not able to pay till the end of the month, this is fine, but please be aware from the moment you submit payment there is this lag which will restrict you from actively entering competitions in the new season until completed. Any online entry system will display the message ‘URN not valid’.

You can assume the process is complete when you receive an email either from me or UKA stating your URN number.

I hope this makes sense and any problems at all please give me a shout and I will do my best to clear up any confusion.

Stuart Saint

Membership Secretary