Existing members

Your data

As an athlete or a volunteer with Southampton AC, a junior, senior or veteran, there are two systems that are used to maintain your data:


The LoveAdmin.com system is where the club manages data that helps your team managers tell you about competitions and events, helps your coaches stay in touch (if they want) and helps with your annual club subs.
Your login username is your email address (make sure you use the right one) and your First Name (it does matter whether you use your formal First Name or your shortened nickname).
Both your email and your First Name can be changed once you’re logged into the system


The England Athletics myATHLETICS Portal is where EA manages data about you as an athlete, an official, or other roles associated with the club.
Your login username is either your EA URN (a 7 digit number) or your email address (make sure you use the right one – you may have used a different one to what you used for the LoveAdmin system).
You can change your email once you’re logged into the system, but you can’t change your URN