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Why Join Southampton AC?

There are many reasons to join Southampton AC, the most obvious and important of these is increased access to competition but there are other reasons:

  • We have teams in a number of leagues catering for the widest range of abilities, giving everybody competition.
  • Access to experienced and knowledgeable volunteer coaches specifying in a wide variety of disciplines.
  • Regular training at the Southampton Sports Centre or a number of local indoor and outdoor locations during the winter.
  • Courses and development squads for Young Athletes.
  • Competitive subscription rates.
  • A Professional and proactive committee.
  • A friendly atmosphere.

Where do I start?

Review coaching session information here:

Make contact with the most suitable coach to your requirements regarding,

  1. Availability
  2. Training dates and times
  3. Appropriateness to your requirements

We offer a month’s free trial, this should give you enough time to see if the training and club is right for you.

How do I join Southampton AC

Once you have completed your trial period, follow the flow chart to help you select the right membership category, then follow the link to our online membership management system:

SAC training sessions SAC team competition
Southampton Sports Centre – Mon 9am-9pm
Southampton Sports Centre – Tue 9am-9pm (exclusive SAC 18:30 – 20:00)
Southampton Sports Centre – Wed 6pm-9pm (summer only, Academy only)
Southampton Sports Centre – Thu 9am-9pm
Southampton Sports Centre – Sat 9am-12pm
Southampton Sports Centre – Sun 9am-12pm


The following winter venues are booked for specific training groups.

Cantell School – Tue (Nov-Mar) – eve
Great Oaks School – Tue (winter) evening
Great Oaks School – Thu (winter) evening
Mountbatten School – Tue (winter) evening
Romsey School Indoors – Mon (Oct-Mar) evening
Thornden School Sports Hall – Tue (Winter) evening
Thornden School Sports Hall – Thu (Winter) evening
Wyvern College Indoors – Wed (Oct-Mar) evening (Academy Only)
Wyvern College J track – Wed (Oct-Mar) evening (Academy Only)

Team competition includes:
British Athletics League
UK Women’s League
Southern Athletics League
Youth Development League
Wessex Young Athletes League
National Road Relays
SEAA Road Relays
Hampshire Road Relays
Hampshire Cross Country League
Wessex Cross Country League
National Cross Country Championship
Southern Cross Country Championship
National Cross Country Relays
SCVAC T&F leagues and finals

Now follow this link and select the correct membership category:
SAC online membership management system

If someone else is showing you this page on their computer, and you don’t have access to the internet, please make contact with the Membership Secretary (see “Contact Us” menu above).