MILE OF MILES 2018 (UPDATE 11/01/18)

*UPDATE* Ashley who did a particularly good job in 2017 at the event has been in contact to say that he will not be able to reprise his role or be involved with the event this year. This gives an opportunity for  an entirely new team to be assembled to take on the challenge!

After having been the main organiser and latterly joint organiser with Ashley Forbes for the Mile of Miles Event that takes place on a Wednesday in June each year (a non RR10 Wednesday) for 5yrs I am giving notice that I am stepping down and will not be involved with the event this year. It may well be that Ashley will take on the reins but it is a team event and realistically there would need to be plenty of support for him and ideally a person is needed to take on a major role as the event takes a lot of work is stressful and time consuming although ultimately rewarding.

Any S.A.C member who is interested in becoming involved in the running of this event please approach a committee member.
Any questions about Mile Of Miles? Contact myself at Paul Johnson