NOMINATED CHARITY : COUNTESS MOUNTBATTEN HOSPICE  AMOUNT RAISED £755* subject to confirmation. Thanks to all athletes , clubs and Active Nation as well as Alton Sports On and CEP (see thanks section)

1. Southampton A 51.44
2. Lordshill A 53.19
3. Eastleigh A 54.11
14.Southampton Ladies 60.40
Southampton Juniors (Incomplete see individual times)                                                                          38 complete teams


1. Rich Waldron 4.39*
2. Tom Cully 4.54
3. Oliver Smith 4.48
4. Pete Merritt 5.14
5. Ashley Forbes 4.56
6. Sid Delara 5.50
7. Jon Bean 5.24
8. John Macinnes 5.36
9. Bryer Bowness 5.19
10. Jen Granger 5.04
Total Time : 51.44

1. Jen Granger 5.01*
2. Minna Walters 5.39
3. Anna Wilbey 6.32
4. Hannah Polden 5.59
5. Sandra Dancer 7.02
6. Alex Coe 6.39
7. Hannah Wilson 6.19
8. Anna Stone 5.56
9. Karland Borland 5.51
10. Kelly Hewitson 5.42
Total Time : 60.40

1. Owen Troke 6.36
2. Ethan Harrey 6.27
3. Offilie Saunders 7.49
4. Talullah Sim 6.56
5. Finn Talent 8.13
6. Tom Coates 6.10
7. Ben Young 6.23
8. Sam Talent 7.22
9. Reuben Talent 6.47
10. Vacant

* Fastest Man and Woman at the event.
** Complete results available at the Hardley Runners website.

The Mile of Miles took place in perfect conditions on Wednesday 14th June at 7.45. Southampton were looking to make it two consecutive wins after the exciting last leg loss to Eastleigh in 2015. The team got off to an explosive start with Rich Waldron and by the end of leg five had a healthy lead. This lead was never threatened by any team and Southamptons team cruised to victory in a respectable time although an attempt on the event record (sub 49) was never going to be on.
The Ladies team had no competition so it would seem appropriate to call out Winchester to raise one for next years race as Southamptons Ladies will be doing battle with the Winchester Ladies in Division One of the Hampshire Road Race League next season.
Its a shame that Southamptons Juniors fielded an incomplete team as the individual times show the considerable talent that there is in the junior section.

There are many people working in the background to make the event successful

Active Nation : They supply the track to us at no cost as it is a charity event therefore making a considerable donation to the chosen charity in affect.

Alton Sports On and CEP. It was a first for them as they attended trackside and even ran a team at the Mile Of Miles giving out spot prizes and vowing to be back next year.

Ashley Forbes : Formed the winning team and had the particularly time consuming duty of putting the results together for distribution.

Carole Johnson (my mum) : Made cakes, I ate many of them (but I did pay!)

Diane & Olivia Reavey : Gave their time for the duration of the event and beyond. This team were the last to leave the track when it was dark close to 10pm!

Hammy (Photographer / Hardley Runners) Takes many many excellent photos at a multitude of running events including a visit to the 2017 Mile of Miles. All he ever asks is to consider making a donation if you print off from his collections to the Countess Mountbatten Hospice Charity.

Michelle Talent : Michelle managed the Southampton Junior team for the first time and came came close to a complete one at short notice.

Mick Anglim (Hardley Runners) : Mick is the Mile of Miles working tirelessly in the background to ensure the event is a success and is always happy to help the club that is hosting the event. He also never fails to bring his massive clock with him . Without it the event would be even more confusing!

Nicci Blandford : Runs a tight ship never any problems with her teams and does make exceedingly good cakes.

Valerie Stewart : Always happy to give her time as a timer a very responsible job that would leave many a quivering wreck. Thanks to to the other (at present) unidentified team timers for Southampton.

FOOTNOTE: This will be my last year in my organisational capacity at the Mile of Miles (at least for now) . Hopefully Ashley will be happy to continue but needs to be supported . The event may seem to run seamlessly , it doesn’t and there are many problems to face along the way in order to keep the event successful.