Get stocks before the winter season starts

Wyvern School (quad kids training venue) 6.45 – 7.45 Kit for juniors only no adults

4th October
11th October and
1st November

Athletics Track 6.45 – 7.45

31st October (Tues)
23rd November (Thurs)

We are opening so that people can get any stocks they need before the winter season starts these are the only dates available that we can commit to but if VOLUNTEERS came forward to help there could be more availability. We would particularly welcome support from some of the younger age group parents who frequent the track on a Tuesday and Thursday as there are tens of youngsters down there from 6pm onwards and it is a good opportunity for sales or those adult athletes who train on different days or who are injured.

Training tops =£15
Running vests = £17
Crop tops = £18
Sweat Shirts = £23
Gym bags = £3
Boot bags = £10

There will be soft drinks and energy drings from £1, snacks from 20p and a 50p crisp selection as well as a £5 bargain table and donated items for sale at reasonable offers.

Correct change much appreciated or cheques made payable to Southampton Athletic Club