X-Country competitions

Cross country provides competition for athletes during the winter months and is used by many coaches to improve their athletes strength and endurance prior to the summer track season. However many athletes specialise in cross country running for its own sake and there are lots of opportunities during the season to take part in this traditional winter past time at all levels.

Hampshire League

This league is suitable for all athletes from the youngest age groups to Veterans. The league consists of 5 races from October to February on a Saturday afternoon and the locations are varied and the courses quite demanding. There is no entry fee and is limited to athletes from affiliated clubs. No numbers are worn and you receive a numbered disk at the finish which indicates your position which should be handed to your team manager. It is literally turn up with club vest and run.

CC6 League

This is a friendly low key league which takes place on a Sunday morning once a month during the winter. Open to all athletes over the age of 15 years. The courses are between 5 and 6 miles long and can be extremely muddy in places.There is no entry fee and is limited to affiliated clubs. You will receive a raffle ticket at the end to indicate your finishing position. The general standard is considerably lower than the Hampshire League.

Hampshire Championships

These are held annually in early January and are a major event in the clubs calender all athletes from all age groups are encouraged to run. Entry in on line through the Hampshire Athletics web site. The race is used as a selection race for the Inter Counties Cross Country Championships where you will represent Hampshire.

Southern Cross Country Championships

These are held annually in January and are usually held at the home of cross country running Parliament Hill Fields Hampstead Heath. The course is 15000 meters(9 miles) for men and is very demanding. Ladies run a shorter distance and the same goes for all the age groups.Teams will be entered by team managers but all are welcome to run.

National Cross Country Championships

Usually held in February the venue fluctuates between North,Midlands,and South of England and are often held at Parliament Hill Fields when its the South’s turn.Major event which you should enter individually unless told otherwise. Entries close early.