Below are the latest club records that are kindly compiled for the club by Alan Cropp.

U17 men club records.xls
U17 womens club records.xls
U17 men indoors club records.xls
U17 women indoor club records
U15 boys club records.xls
U15 girls club records.xls
U15 boys indoors club records.xls
U15 girls indoors club records.xls
U13 boys club records.xls
U13 girls club records.xls
U13 boys indoors club records.xls
U13 girls indoors club records.xls
U11 boys records.xls
U11 girls records
U11 boys indoors club records
U11 girls indoors club records

Any changes to senior’s including U20’s please advise Alan by email at and for U11’s-U17’s Andy Fisher at

History and basis of records:
The above records are those for the new club Southampton AC, formed from the merger of Team Southampton and Southampton Running Club on 1 April 2010. As these are track rankings they are largely those derived from Team Southampton’s previous club records but from 1 April 2010 will include records for all the clubs combined membership including many ex-SRC runners who have decided to take up competing on the track after the merger

The Team Southampton records were in turn an amalgamation of the previous clubs – Team Solent and Southampton City AC’s records who merged in October 2004 to form Team Southampton. However due to issues in recovering accurate records from prior to that merger, they reflect that Team Southampton’s records started afresh from October 2004.