Women’s National 6 Stage relay Sutton Park

Similar to the men our ladies team had to overcome difficulties with Nicci’s car breaking down on the motorway and having to nurse the car to the service station.

Nicci had to change the order and arranged for Georgina’s Mum to turn round and pick up the maidens in distress
They finally arrived as the race was about to start and they put in a fantastic performance to finish 13th. What a day and what a brilliant result and well done Georginia’s Mum

13 Southampton Athletic Club 2:23:15

Laura Brenton (16) 32:02
Sarah Kingston (13) 19:06
Bryher Bowness (11) 19:54
Ellie Monks (11) 32:26
Georgina Russell (12) 19:26
Nicci Blandford (13) 20:21