HRRL RACE : GOSPORT HALF  19/11/2017                                                                                        1st Male James Baker  1.09.50  (Chichester Runners)

1st Female Bryher Bowness* 1.18.23 (Southampton Athletic Club)  *43 Overall

3  Matt  Bennett  SM  1.09.58

11  Tom Stevens SM 1.13.05

18  Matt  Coffey SM  1.14.28

28  Dan Baker  SM 1.16.44

42  Ashley Forbes  SM  1.18.21

44  Graham  Joslin  SM  1.18.32

60  Kit  Lau  SM  1.20.10

85  Marc Cole  V40  1.22.13

91  Robert Dempster  V40  1.22.34

145 Paul Johnson V50  1.26.02

221 Tracey Corker  F40 1.29.15

303 Jon Ward  V40  1.32.15

368  Dave Madelin SM 1.34.51

458  Clinton Whitfield  V40  1.38.01

719  Debbie  Hallett  V50  1.47.06

1011 Paul Harvey  V60  1.57.24

1278 Marc Holmes SM 2.09.35

1333 Louise  Beech  V50 2.12.19

1679  Finishers

There was a good turn out for the first time this season from Southampton Athletic Club athletes at  the third event of the 2017/18 Hampshire Road Race League the Gosport Half Marathon.                    The benign weather conditions meant that the course was quicker than in recent times though the elite male athletes did not set the world on fire with their times though they made up for it with an exciting race. James Baker at the halfway stage held a healthy lead (approximately 200m) from Matt Bennett. The race finished with Matt being pipped at the post for second and James’s lead being reduced to a mere seven seconds.

The ladies race was the complete opposite with Bryher Bowness doing a demolition job on the field recording an incredible sub 1.20 result and smashing the course record. Good news for Tracey Corker who recorded a pb and got under the 1.30 barrier for the first time.

Lastly Southampton are pleased to have recruited recently Tom Stevens and his excellent coach / elite V60  Noel O Dowd from Eastleigh. Athletes particularly the elite have a habit of improving rapidly on joining Southampton so it isnt inconceivable that Tom will break 70 sometime in the near future though 73 was a great time in itself on the day.

A post will follow when league positions for both teams have been announced.

*Any athlete who has recorded a pb or has anything of interest to add regarding any HRRL event in future please e mail myself within 24hrs following it at for inclusion in the report. My e mail will appear at the bottom of future league reports for contact .