HRRL RACE 4 VICTORY 5 5/12/2021

1st Man Alex Teuten (Southampton AC) SM 24.03 1st Lady Nicole Taylor (Tonbridge AC) SF 27.01

4 Jonny Roberts SM 24.36 5 Ben Brown JM 24.37 24 Matt Risden SM 27.09 42 Jen Granger SF 28.40 79 Kyt Lau V40 29.43 93 Jonathan Bean SM 30.09 109 Isabelle Hinkley JF 30.46 111 Sarah Kingston SF 30.49 119 Dave Skelton V40 31.01 141 Scott Augur V55 31.39 151 Paul Johnson V55 31.54 160 Dave Madelin V40 32.05 249 Jordan Folk SF 34.42 444 Sid Delara V65 41.10 528 Pete Haynes V70 45.22

676 Finishers

It was the 75th running of the Victory 5 on Sunday 5th December, 2021. The weather was dry but there was a bracing north-westerly wind that meant that sensible runners did a good warm up and shed their layers as close to the race start as was possible. Unfortunately the course was a load of bollards, pinch points and turns (2 very tight). Consequently it took longer than it should have for the field to unwind from the gun.The course creaked under the mass of runners that set off from a sensible start time of 11am. The race organisers recognised that the situation was not ideal but a Covid restricted race was definitely better than cancellation and there were no grumbles at the finish. The men’s race was won by a modern-day Alexander the Great (Alex Teuten) who put the field to the sword, having a comfortable buffer of 13 seconds after he chipped out over the second placed runner (Jonathon Cornish of Hercules Wimbledon). Jonny Roberts smashed his 5 mile PB going deep into the 24’s for the first time and 3rd scorer Ben Brown ran one of the quickest ever 5 mile times for a runner of his age (U17) in the UK and in 2021 is ranked 13th in the overall men’s rankings for the distance. Matt Risden made up the 4th member of the team that took the men’s team prize . Southampton have fielded very few female athletes since the beginning of the 2021/22 HRRL campaign however at Victory some of our real quality runners descended to swoop and make off with the ladies team prize. Jen Granger ran a formidable 28.40 followed in by Isabelle Hinkley with a time that suggests great promise given age and lack of road racing to date , Sarah Kingston and lastly Jordan Folk .

The next race in the series takes place on the 16th January 2022 (10am) Stubbington 10k (est 1985) and is arguably the most popular race in the series as the race capacity of 2000 was entirely filled within days of the entry opening.