LE JOG VIRTUAL CHALLENGE starts 1st Jan2021 www.lejog.run

If you are lacking motivation with the lack of races and restrictions on training in 2020 this may well kick-start you back into running in 2021.

The above is a year long virtual challenge where participants will complete a minimum 874 miles to succeed , the distance between Lands End & John O’Groats.

Sign ups received before 31st October will be automatically entered into a draw to win a megaprize and finishers of the event will receive a medal and striking t-shirt.

You can enter as a solo runner or as part of a team up to a maximum of four runners but being part of a team still means you have to run the distance , there is no escape ! Children and even the family dog have an opportunity to participate.

For further information see www.lejog.run