Manchester International Wed 18th August at Sportcity

The Manchester International takes place on Wed 18th August at Sportcity.

The event itself will be much expanded this year with U20 teams from the home countries participating plus a GB U18 team.

The NAL has finished second to England in the past few years and it will be sending a team again this year.

Attached are two links, the general information regarding the event and the NAL selection criteria.

Mike Harris is the NAL Team Leader and Seemita Gumbs and Manuel da Silva will again be the respective men and women`s team managers.

If you wish to be considered, then I recommend you complete your application.

Selection Criteria

National Athletic League selection is linked to performances at NAL League fixtures in May, June and July. Selections will be made as follows:

  1. Competed at least one of the first three NAL fixtures.
  2. Either first claim athlete or Higher Competition athlete from one of the NAL member clubs, excluding the previous seasons NAL League Champions.
  3. Confirmation of seasonal PB through Power 10.
  4. Highest ranked available athlete based upon current form selected.