Membership details for coaches and team managers

The membership season runs from 1 April to 31 March. It is important that coaches support the membership secretary in making sure their atheletes are fully paid- up members of the club. It can take up to one month for an athlete to be a member of SAC from completion of LoveAdmin.

This year, we’ll be introducing electronic membership cards to make it easier for you to check that all your athletes have paid. The athletes can access the card by downloading the LoveAdmin app to their smart phone.

Active Nation will be doing spot checks as well and will ask athletes to leave the track if unable to produce a valid membership card.

Process of joining a new member

Adding a member to LoveAdmin and the England Athletics portal is a manual process. In the past, the membership secretary has had requests to join an athlete in a few days so they can compete for the club. This is not possible.

  • The membership secretary starts the enrollment in March as this allows people to be fully signed up ready to go for the 1 April, as there are over 600 competitive athletes to put on the system
  • Once a new member has input their details on LoveAdmin and paid, it will take 7 – 10 days to appear in the SAC account
  • Once payment is received in the SAC account, a membership with UKA will be raised
  • An invoice is then processed from UKA for the Treasurer to authorise. We will batch these invoices up to make it easier on the Treasurer
  • When the Treasurer has made payment, it takes UKA 7-10 days to process before issuing an active URN number
  • When an athlete requests to join the club, it can take up to one month to complete
  • From July, it’ll take longer as the membership secretary will only be checking for new joiners once a month, so it can be a couple of months to complete.