RR10 #5 IBM Hursley Wed 18th August

RR10 Race 5 IBM Hursley Wed 18th August
Address Meredun Close, Hursley park, Winchester SO21 2JN
•This year the course has been altered to a start lap, followed by two main laps in the opposite direction to previous years and with a few additions as per map below, finishing in the usual place on the cricket pitch, please pitch your tents where we normally do below the bar area.

•approximately 4.8 miles but the course may change at the last moment due to either weather conditions or changes in unforeseen circumstances.

•7.00pm start but please allow enough time as it is a short walk to the start area and may take ten minutes.
•currently able to use the bar and toilet facilities at the club but please bring your own water bottle as we are no longer providing water at these events. The bar will serve food until 8:30.

• The course is made up of grass, tarmac, and gravel.
Please be aware of the Covid guidelines as below.

The race permits have been granted in line with Covid-19 protocols and whilst the regulations may change, the race organisers are still adhering to the information on which our licence was approved, we therefore ask:
• Attendees must not attend if they are unwell and / or have Covid-19 symptoms and /or are self- isolating;
• Attendees must observe hand hygiene – there will be sanitiser available at the race village and attendees should bring their own sanitiser and use it before and after the race and avoid unnecessarily touching objects and surfaces;
• Participation in the race is on the condition that competitors do not have symptoms / are awaiting test results / have been told to self-isolate;
• Whilst all precautions will be taken to minimise contact in the organisation of the event, competitors participate at their own risk.
• Attendees should minimise hand to hand transactions on site, such as shaking hands, and handing tickets / objects to people;
• Attendees should bring as few items as possible to the event, to avoid handling and storage of them;
• Where social distancing guidelines may still be in place these must be observed: such as keeping two metres apart and giving space to other competitors on the course and members of the public using the park; to minimise interactions with other participants and observe instructions from event marshals;
• For the race licence we had to set out a process for contact tracing if this is needed, therefore we ask that Clubs take some contact details including each competitors’ name, telephone number and In Case of Emergency details on the night and which can also be used for race results placing / processing