Solent University Lockdown Workshops

During the third lockdown SAC teamed up with Solent University to deliver some excellent workshops on athletics related topics.

Each session was recorded on Microsoft Teams and stored on YouTube. You can find the recordings below.

  • Strength and conditioning from home
  • Fueling optimally for athletes
  • Refueling optimally for athletes
  • Managing stress in sport
  • Athlete motivation
  • UK Anti-doping
  1. Strength and conditioning from home
    Rob Burge (HPA Lead S&C coach) and Steve Read share their tips for training at home during lockdown

2. Fueling optimally for athletes
Molly Wisby, Health and Exercise nutrition lecturer talks about optimal fuelling before training and competition

3. Refueling for athletes
Molly follows up with guidance on refueling after exercise

4. Managing stress in sport
Emma Mosely, Sports psychologist shares her excellent tips on managing stress as athletes.

5. Athlete motivation
Dr Russell Discombe, Sports psychologist discusses motivation for athletes

6. UK Anti-Doping
Kelly Jones gives a useful overview of the current anti-doping regulations and considerations for athletes. A must watch!