Training sessions

We have a number of coaches who train different disciplines. Take a look below at the different sessions.

You can email any of the coaches to find out more about times and availability and where they train.


The academy – school years 4 – 7
Nikki Purse, Tracey Jones & Zoe Bond.
Trains: Wednesday 6.00pm – 7.30pm
Find out more about the academy and how to join.

Michael Coker – all ages.
Trains: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.
Michael trains in Fareham. Email

Sprints and hurdles

Junior sprint group for school year 6 and above
Peter Wareing, Lance Vinter & Gemma Saint
Trains: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Email Pete:

Senior sprint & hurdles group – under 15 to senior
Katy Odell & Tim Odell
Trains: Monday, Thursday and Saturday.


Jumps group – under 13 to senior
Tracey Jones
Trains: Tuesday & Thursday
Email Tracey:

Pole vault

Pole vault – under 13 to masters
Derek Warn
Trains: Tuesday, Wednesday (for beginners) & Thursday
Email Derek:


Throws group – under 13 to senior
Dave Callaway Debbie Callaway
Trains: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday
Email Dave & Debbie:

Middle distance & endurance

Middle distance – under 13 to under 20
Simon Lynch
Trains: Tuesday & Thursday
Email Simon:

Endurance – under 11 to senior
Steve Phillips & James Mann
Trains: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Email Steve:
Email James:

400m – 800m – under 17 to masters
Jon Tilt & Richard Millar
Trains: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Email Jon:

Middle distance & endurance – under 17 to masters
Peter Haynes, Noel O’Dowd & Tony Fern
Trains: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Email Peter:

Endurance – all ages
Mirella Spalluto & Jon Ward
Trains: Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday
Email Mirella: 

Middle distance & endurance – under 15s to senior
Rod Lock
Trains: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Email Rod:

Endurance – senior
Ian Richardson
Trains: Tuesday & Thursday